About Me

I am a junior high science teacher with a passion for all things science. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in science education. When I am not teaching young impressionable minds, I love spending time with my beautiful wife and sweet daughter. If I have spare time beyond that, I like reading books, playing sports, hiking, collecting bugs, playing board games, and watching movies. I currently call Layton, Utah home and truly enjoy seeing the towering Wasatch mountains from my backyard everyday. I have a dream of writing books and traveling various parts of the world researching and exploring for my books. My goal in writing this blog is to instill a sense of scientific wonder in the hearts of my students and readers, both young and old. To build bridges of understanding between the scientific world and the everyday lives of my readers is the underlying purpose of my blog. Join me and dare to discover something new about the world around. Be prepared to witness the wonder and awe that follows daily scientific phenomena witnessed with new eyes. But be warned, your world will never be the same again once you learn to see your life through green tinted glasses.

After reading sections of my blog, please leave me comments so that I can improve my writing and improve your experience as the reader. Thank you!

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