Natural History Museum of Video Game Characters Metroids Exhibit 2: Metroids A to Z

[Enjoy our exhibit background music courtesy of OC Remix! Song Title: “The Loneliest Bounty Hunter in the Universe” Remixer: Pyrus. Composers: Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano. ]

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Natural History Museum of Video Game Characters: Metroids Exhibit

welcome to the metroid larvae exhibit! The alien creature known as ‘Metroid’ has become an icon for all things horrifying and deadly. Reminiscent of something straight out of a horror film, these jellyfish-like aliens are far from cuddly. If you mistake their outstretched fangs for a warm hug, you’ll find yourself hopelessly trapped in their…

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Metroids A to Z

What started as a brilliant solution for an ancient race quickly turned into an extinction event for the ancient race who created the Metroid in the first place. The ancient chozo people were plagued by a mysterious parasite called “X Parasites.” They were a technologically advanced people and so they solved the X Parasite problem by biologically engineering a creature to hunt the parasites. This artificial predator they created was known as ‘the Metroid.’ They created the metroid in its larval state and they enjoyed success and prosperity for a time as their scientific creations became loving companions that vanquished their natural enemies, the X Parasites.

However, as time went on and as the larval metroids continued to feed off of X Parasite life energy, they began to molt. As the metroids changed, their hunger for life energy grew beyond the bounds of the X Parasites and they began feeding off of the Chozo race, their own creators, to satisfy their growing hunger. Now, all we have are relics and memories of the ancient chozo race, along with the terrible and tremendously powerful Metroid species. Scientists are still trying to piece together the Chozo technology used to create such a sophisticated creature. Indeed, the Chozo’s technology must have been more advanced than any other race in the known universe. However, scientists have been able to solve many mysteries concerning the life cycle of these life-sucking lab experiments. Here at the Natural History Museum of a Video Game character, we bring you our latest exhibit: “Metroids A to Z.” Learn about all the different forms of Metroid and discover just how fearsome and formidable this species is to have caused such a technologically advanced species to go extinct. Simply click and interact with the exhibit below to learn more. Enjoy!

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***NOTE: I do not own the rights to the images and characters depicted above. Nintendo owns the rights to the images and characters. I am merely a science writer trying to connect science and video games into one in an entertaining way. Thank you!

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