The Levitation Magic of Density

Hi all! I am trying something new… CHEMISTRY VLOGS! Join me as I try chemistry/science experiments at home and make videos about them.

Chemistry Vlog #2: The Levitation Magic of Density!

Density is quite the magical phenomena. It can cause things to float and sink, and when multiple substances with different densities interact with each other it can create some pretty magical results. But you do not need to purchase a magic wand to perform this witchcraft! All you need is a relatively clear soda and some bits of raisin. Check out my video and try it for yourself!

Plus, if you are stuck at home like me and want to entertain the family, this home-made science experiment is sure to please! It even entertained my 18 month old! She thought the raisins bobbing up and down were tiny bugs swimming up and down in the cup!

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